Interior Plant Design in Houston, TX

Interior Landscaping of Houston Inc. provides custom plant designs and interior landscaping services to businesses and homeowners throughout the greater Houston, TX metro area. We take great pride in coordinating the right plants with your office or home interior, introducing a bounty of benefits to your space. We also offer consultations and specialty services, including holiday décor! Contact us today.

  • 40 Years Experience
    We’ve provided interior landscaping for a wide range of businesses over the years. We’ve been at it for 40 years and we’re still growing, just like our plants!
  • Plants & Containers
    We’re extremely knowledgeable about all the plants and provide plants and containers for both lease and rental. Contact us to learn more.
  • Holiday Decor
    More than green plants, we also provide seasonal holiday décor! Call us for Christmas trees and wreaths, as well as special flower arrangements.

Providing Our Clients with the Best in Interior Landscaping

Your office may have regal furniture, stunning art and great ambiance… but it’s missing one important thing: Plants! A little greenery goes a long way in commercial offices. We do provide plants for both commercial and residential spaces. And, when those plants are hand-selected and properly placed by the team at Interior Landscaping of Houston Inc., you’re guaranteed all the benefits that natural foliage brings with it. Our plants are all grown and tended in the U.S., sourced from reputable suppliers in Hawaii, California and Florida.

The concept of interior plant design in Houston, TX is one we’re passionate about. It’s one part science, one part art! We survey your offices to understand the décor and theme, then select plants that will do the most good. Our selection of plants knows no bounds—from small and medium-sized plants for individual offices and smaller spaces, to large potted plants and tropical foliage for bigger spaces and high-traffic areas! We even offer seasonal plants like Christmas trees and poinsettias, to complete the ambiance and beauty of your office décor during the festive holiday months!

Our experts will style your interior with plants so it has a tailored, well-appointed feel. We can do anything when it comes to interior landscaping and plant placement/design!

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If you’re using fake plants or don’t have any greenery in your office at all, it’s time to give us a call. We’ll introduce you to a world of benefits and the joys of having live, healthy, well-kept plants in your office. Adding a few plants to your interior can totally transform it! Let us introduce you to the many benefits of greenery and help you arrange it for a smart, healthy appearance in your offices.

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Offering exceptional interior landscaping services for homeowners and business owners in the following areas:

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A Little Green Goes a Long Way

Our approach to interior landscape design in Houston, TX takes into account more than plants—it’s about complementing your décor and bringing subtle ambiance to your space. We pay attention to every detail—from the style of planter used, to the physical placement of the plant, to the type of plant selected and more. We aim to optimize the benefits of natural greenery by ensuring it serves as a positive aesthetic. And, we help you optimize the natural benefits of plants, like cleaner air and the calming effect they have on mood and anxiety!

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