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Products & Services

Interior Plant provides interior landscaping services and a vast array of products and services not limited to a variety of foliage, basic and unique ceramic and fiberglass containers and planters used to enhance the vision of the workplace.

The installation is the first step in the process of the beautification for our clients work space.  With the installation comes the preparation for placement of each plant or planter which is crucial to maintaining the plants life.  Now comes the experience of the technician to properly irrigate, using the correct pesticide, keeping the foliage trimmed and aesthetically correct.

Interior Landscaping of Houston strives to provides an office plant service in The Woodlands and solutions for your company with a full range of foliage and planters, creating natural beauty but still keeping the aesthetic goals in line. By implementing the right amount of interior foliage for your commercial business, using our expertise in plant design, layout and services we are able to customizing your space making it unique while reflecting the needs of the client.

Our utmost goal is to provide office plant service in The Woodlands that our client is expecting, making long-term relationships with our clients, keeping a professional appearance and adhering to safety protocols.