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Interior Landscaping Services

Interior Landscaping of Houston offers our customers an experienced designer who consults with your contact, reviews the requirements of the client, notes the lighting available, taking this information and making the correct choices of light and dark greenery, flowering plants which are meant to enhance your organization, encompassing the expectations of the client.

Finding the right combination of plants for your office, atrium, lobby, and conference room and work area is key. Plants not only leave a lasting impression, they enhance the character to your work place while keeping everything esthetically in balance.

Plants help filer the air, help with noise congestion, have been shown to reduce employee stress levels while offering a visual meditative experience.

ILH offers a full range of services not limited to interior plants, we also offer our valued clients exterior planters and plants to enhance the entrance of your site, these specific varieties of plants are able to maintain in the Houston heat and its ever changing conditions.

Fresh flowers are another service that we offer our clients to embrace the beauty of color for your reception areas, atriums and/or lobby spaces. Our flower change-out program offers your employees and visitors a new look every 4 to 6 weeks as we source the finest flowers for your business type. We also offer our fresh flower services for special events, open houses and conferences.

Another service offered our clients is the expertise in holiday decorating services which are meant to enhance the experience of the seasons. We will decorate your office space keeping the spirit of the holiday while not disrupting the overall appearance of the work place. We offer a large array of decorations to customize our reception areas with holiday plants and a vast array of color holiday plants to be placed throughout your business space offering your customers and employees an uplifting spirit for the season.

For more information on low light plants in The Woodlands offered by Interior Landscaping of Houston today!