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Holiday Decorations Sugar Land

Searching for holiday decorations in Sugar Land or surrounding areas? At Christmas time we offer live Douglas Fir trees in sizes 7' – 9' – 12' and taller. Artificial trees in 7' – 9' – 10' and taller. We handpick our live trees from a local tree farm that have been truced into the Houston area just prior to Thanksgiving making them fresh and long lasting. If you order a tree for your building, we will pick your tree, deliver, and decorate your tree in a variety of themed choices. We use faux ornaments, garlands, many lights, tree-topper, and skirt and in most cases we put red, white or pink 6" poinsettias around the base of the trees.

In our contract we indicate that we will come weekly and check the tree for water, water the poinsettias and replace them if necessary during the 3-4 weeks that the trees are in your location. When the holiday is over, we will come back and take your tree down and clean up your lobby to its original look.

We offer a variety of holiday decorations in Sugar Land, TX for your staircase, railing, using a variety of bows, lights, ornaments, whatever you desire to make your lobby, atrium, office and reception areas look breathtaking.

We have many sizes of wreaths typically decorated with lights, faux ornaments, and hand-made bows. We will hang your wreaths for you or you can install them yourself. Wreaths are hung using adhesive strips/hooks – not liable for damage caused by hooks/strips. If wallpaper is involved, your office will be responsible for installing hangers.

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