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About Our Interior Landscaping Services

Interior Landscaping of Houston has been servicing companies in the Houston area for over 35 years. We offer our clients plant maintenance service, design of spaces, holiday decorations, ability to purchase foliage or put their interior landscaping services on a rental basis.

We specialize in office plants in The Woodlands and all areas in and around Houston. We are a medium sized company with 65 years of expertise to handle your plant maintenance services.

Our technicians are trained in horticulture, design and knowledge to care for your plants. Our technicians are trained and participate in CEU classes yearly to enhance their individual knowledge and necessary skills. The training process that our technicians are subjected to enable them to properly use the correct amount of water to keep your foliage and tropical plants looking beautiful at all times.

Our client base encompasses the Texas Medical Center, Independent hospital systems, restaurants, office buildings and property management organizations. We offer residential services for our elite clients in many areas of Houston. We have received the U.S Commerce Association Award for the Excellence in Business for the past 4 years.